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The Best CMS For SEO

What is the best CMS for SEO?

If you’re just getting into SEO or you’re a business owner trying to figure out how to improve your sites rankings in the search engines you may be confused on how to properly build your site. This is totally understandable with all the CMS’s out there like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal just to name a few. Within this article we aim to end that confusion and solve the case of the best CMS for SEO.

What is a CMS?

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Before we dive into the fun stuff, let’s first answer this basic question. CMS is short for Content Management System. The point of these is to quite literally make it easier for you or others to have access to your site and manage it at various levels. This is in contrast with an html site where you need programming knowledge and must have access to the admin panel to make any changes to a site. If you want a more in depth explanation, as there are other interpretations check out this post by Comentum.


            Titans of the Industry

Now that you know what a CMS is and it’s benefits let’s get into the major players in the industry, and what they have to offer.


By far the biggest CMS, WordPress is used by about 19% of all websites on the internet. That’s almost 75 million sites! WordPress isn’t the biggest without a reason, it’s popular mainly because of how easy it is to use. Think about the least technologically savvy person you know, could they build a website with WordPress? Yes they can! (Okay they at least need to know how to set up hosting). This is not to say that anyone can make a professional looking site with WordPress (or even a decent site), but that they can set up a working site and put words on it.  Now what does WordPress have to offer that sets them apart from their competition? Being the biggest in the industry, they have by far the most plugins and therefore make it extremely easy to add some amazing features to your site. Also for SEO they have many amazing plugins to optimize your site for search engines. The best SEO plugins that we have come across are All in One and Yoast. These definitely help with the on page optimization of SEO but are by no means a complete solution.


Last but not least we have Drupal. Drupal is the smallest of the three listed here, however is still viable for SEO purposes. It is very plugin dense like WordPress and with the right plugins you can definitely use it. We would not recommend Drupal for beginners as it has a reputation of being more developer friendly than user friendly. The reason it is so good for developers is you can do so much with it. The customization aspect is huge with Drupal and that’s why developers love it.


Last but not least we have Joomla. It is a far second to WordPress when it comes to people using it, but it is still one of the most popular and high quality CMS. Joomla has definitely made improvements when it comes to SEO. Since version 1.6 came out they’ve added the ability to have search engine friendly URLs and custom metadata. This is huge when it comes to SEO and now puts Joomla in the running as one of the top Content Management Systems for SEO. One of the knocks on Joomla is that it is not as user friendly as WordPress, and not as developer friendly as Drupal. Also it is not as customizable as WordPress or Joomla, but the admin interface is very user friendly and is great for managing a high quantity of articles.

What other options are out there?

For the sake of keeping this article from going too long we have only covered the three biggest Content Management Systems, but there are plenty more out there! Below is a list of some other CMS that you may be interested in researching and trying out for yourself (Although we believe the three we covered as the best for SEO):

  1. Magento
  2. vBulletin (Also used for forums)
  3. Ametys
  4. Blogger
  5. Tumblr
  6. Ektron
  7. Mambo
  8. CakePHP
  9. ezPublish
  10. TypePad


Now that we’ve gone over the main Content Management Systems I’m sure you’re wondering, well which should I use? The answer to this is simple, use whichever you like best! Many people hate Joomla and never use it, but others swear by it. It’s all personal preference. That may not be the answer you were looking for so we’ll give you our recommendation. The CMS we use most often with clients and the one we are using for the iFlex Studios website is WordPress. The reason being is it has the biggest selection of plugins, is easy to use and edit, and since it is the biggest it has the most support. Now of course Joomla and Drupal have their unique aspects that make them good, but WordPress has our vote as the best CMS for SEO.


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