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At iFlex Studios, we know that even though we can drive traffic towards your websites with SEO, PPC, and other internet marketing strategies, however converting that traffic into paying customers is one of the most crucial parts of a digital marketing campaign. With Conversion Rate Optimization, you will be able to increase your revenues with the traffic you are already getting by strategically building your web pages to convert. We test different pages, colors, forms, links, and many other web elements in order to see which converts the most visitors into sales.




A/B Testing

A/B Testing helps us learn what converts best for your website by displaying variations of your webpages to your visitors, and see which one converts the best.


Analytics helps us analyze in depth of the traffic sources, and views your site is getting, and helps us better gauge exactly how your visitors are behaving.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps of your site show a visual display of the activity on your webpage, involving where exactly the users are interacting. Heat Maps help us in showing exactly where we should place certain content in order to drive conversion rates up.






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