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What is AMP and Why You Need It

AMP and Facebook Instant Articles

The AMP project is an open source effort to speed up our mobile web experience. Even though many websites today are mobile-friendly, they still tend to be very sluggish, and clunky, and that’s where AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) comes in. The AMP project is aimed to make people’s experience on the mobile web not only faster, but smoother as well by getting rid of all the junk that most web pages have.

An AMP site is basically a normal HTML website, but with a couple of add ons and restrictions with the HTML code, and requires no build processes. Knowing that 40% of users on mobile devices drop off if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a page, AMP is here to help resolve that issue.


Google isn’t the only company pushing this new solution for publishers to have a faster mobile experience, but Facebook has as well with its Instant Articles initiative. Facebook Instant Articles is another way for publishers to create faster interactive articles on Facebook for it’s users, again streamlining content for users and making it easier for people to interact with your brand.


Why should I care about AMP or Facebook Instant Articles?

The main benefits of having AMP on your site is that it benefits both users and your website because AMP provides a faster more streamlined experience to your content, which means it makes it easier to read your content.

Even though Google hasn’t come out to say it helps search rankings for your website yet, we are confident that it will soon be a ranking factor as AMP only helps improve a user’s experience, and makes it easier to get access to content. Also if you haven’t noticed, AMP posts appear in the carousel first above the other stories.


How to install AMP to your WordPress site

If you have a website that uses WordPress as its CMS , the easiest way to get started is by simply installing one the following plugins.

This plugin allows our posts on our site to become both AMP pages, and compatible with Facebook Instant articles. Watch the video above to review all the configuration options within the plugin as the it will show you have you can install the plugin for your wordpress site. For Facebook Instant Articles, you will have to first sign up your page in order to have it enabled for your posts right here.


These technologies are only going to be getting better, so it’s important to say that if you have a website that publishes content regularly, it’s best to start having your content be presented with AMP and Facebook’s Instant Articles. In the future we will also be seeing a shift with e commerce as well with AMP integrating a seamless buying experience as well.You can check out the AMP roadmap right here to see what the project is up to for the next few months.

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